Soul Types


you must determine your soul type

There are 7 personality types, and ALL of us fall into some combination of 1, 2, or 3 of them. I have a little bit of all except the Scholar, but my main three are Priest and Warrior, with a subtle level of King in the mix. All of these types have corresponding strengths and weaknesses. I will be giving an overview of them, but feel free to look into this in more depth with the recommended resource at the end of this page. Our mission is to grow from out of our negative poles (how our types predispose us to behave) to the positive, which is in everyone’s highest good.


Server - Server souls embody an energy of service, care and helpfulness.  They are naturally caring and helpful souls who live to be of benefit to others.

King  - Only 4% of all personalities on earth are the king archetype. Doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, they will always be a natural leader, strategist, and will rise to the top of any organization they choose.

Priest - Only 5% of the people on earth have this as their goal. They are the spiritual leaders of the world. Yes, like Oprah! They are motivated, like Servers, to be a service to HUMANITY.

Scholar - These are the ones that pro-cess, gather, and store knowledge. They are our historians, and if they are at their positive poles, they use this information to help humanity integrate data and move further in our evolution and growth.

Warriors - Ah, my warriors make up 18% of the population.  They are mission oriented, focused, don’t beat around the bush and enjoy low-brow humor.  They are strong, and will enter any fight first, be it verbal, physical, or even in battle.

Artisan - We love our Artisans! Artisan souls represent the essence of creativity and invention. They have a fertile imagination that drives them to explore new perspectives and combinations.

Sage -  The Sage soul type embodies the essence of expressive communication.  The life reason of any Sage is to promote a sense of shared experience — sharing life’s dramas, lessons and absurdities in an appealing way with as many as possible.



If you are not acknowledging, aligning, and expressing your gifts, your life is going to feel stressful and you never  “fit in.” God/ Universe has a way of giving you hints (some subtle, some not so subtle) to get you to realize what your specific, personal gifts are and then to prompt you to USE them.

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