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TOTAL and complete spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, intellectual and relationship healing. Clarity and raising your vibrations so they can communicate and utilize the angelic support as they sleep, work, play and love.

Know that you will open yourself up to your divine truths every single month with progressively stronger healings that go deeper and deeper each session until total healing is completed at all levels and total access to your truths.


Monthly Live Training

Topics include:

  • Abundance Healing

  • Live Channeling Sessions

  • Physical Healing (peak physical potential and your healthiest body)

  • Guest Spiritualists for live readings, channelings, career & soul alignment, tarot readings, etc. 


Periodic live/recorded healings as needed on each stage of your journey include:

  • Self Healing Techniques

  • Soul Channeling Training

  • Beginner Meditation Training

  • Deepening Intuition Healings

  • Awakening Abilities

  • Manifesting Training - Energy

  • Manifesting Training - Crystal Grids

  • Manifesting Training - Sacred Geometry

  • Manifesting Training - Journaling

  • Manifesting Training - Solar Plexus

  • Manifesting Training - Shouting

  • Manifesting Training - Picture Drawing

  • DIY Abundance Training

  • DIY Tarot Self Guidance