30-Min Angelic Energy Healing Session

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7 personality types by elizabeth puttick

The BEST resource I have found on the soul types is this book! You can buy it here, and see my raving 5 star review for it too!! Life. Changing.


energy healer Paula Vanderzon

A wonderful energy healer that can go into detail about your spiritual gifts very accurately, Paula did a spot-on reading for me, my husband, and daughter. Work with her and receive an exclusive discount!


Numerology: Divination & Numerology: Fortune Telling, Success in Career & Wealth, Love & Relationships, Health & Well Being - Fortune Telling With Numbers

If you want more in-depth knowledge on Western numerology, I recommend this amazing book by Vicki B. Larock.


uncover your soul purpose in 30 days

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kariann price

A truly excellent summary of the eight divine gifts. Investigate more here!


chinese numerology by richard webster

You can look this up online, but this is the absolute best resource out there on Eastern numerology. I keep it on my night stand … Marriage. Saver.


twin flame revolution

My own soul purpose journey started when I got a soul re-alignment with twin flames Dov and Nicole …


amazing free western numerology website

If you want to see what skill sets you can more heavily leverage, this westen numerology site is SPOT ON! This website is free for your initial review, and it will WOW the socks off of you!


reading with cristina aroche

Schedule a soul channeled reading from my own personal spiritual worker Cristina Aroche! She is an angel coach, who takes you on guided meditation journeys to your soul, and can divine from the Arch Angels what your purpose and mission is as you ask your soul what your purpose is. Exclusive discounts available here.