Easy Abundance

Uncover your soul purpose in 30 days


Hey there, I’m Lisa Phillips. Welcome to My Soul-Powered Life!


As founder of Affordable Real Estate Investments, I

turn working professionals into rental property owners,

and help them to achieve financial freedom by

creating: a passive income rental portfolio; real generational

wealth; and the freedom to connect to their

higher calling.


I believe empowered investors make

the world a better place.


I am an international bestselling author, spreading my

message overseas as I expand my global client base.

I became a cash flowing real estate investor and built

a multi-6 figure online business that has helped over

47,000 people -- and all of this is designed to help my

clients free up the time they need to discover their

higher purpose and true calling.


Much love,


the soul truth healer



coming soon!


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